Free Drafting Promotion

Pay the first deposit on your new home and receive  FREE drafting. Choose one of our standard plans or design your own home to suit your budget and style. For more information contact Conditions apply: Minimum 15% deposit...

We work with you to discover and establish a design from your design and budget brief. 

We then create a floor plan and 3D render to show your ideas to scale.

Liaise with our designers, engineers and estimators to give you an indication of cost prior to you moving forward with professionally drafted plans.

We assist with all aspects of the certification process and are familiar with many of the council requirements including Bushfire levels, BASIX and energy efficiency reports, soil tests and contour surveys and wastwater management systems.

We can assist with sourcing a licenced builder or labourers for your construction.

Our freight is out sourced through a very reliable tender system that gives you the most cost effective options available.


Kit Home Building Process

Getting started... Step one - Budgeting Firstly you need to establish an overall budget, this is how much you want to spend for the completed home and what it is...

Steel Kit Inclusions List

  Not sure what's included? All of our Steel Kit and Prefab homes are supplied with the following plans, paperwork and building materials, so you can rest assured that everything's...