Mana Kit Homes is based on the sunny South-East Coast of Queensland, Australia. 

We have been supplying quality steel-framed kit homes both nationally and internationally to owner-builders, developers and licensed builders since 2010, gaining many long term business associations and life long friendships.

Our materials and products are manufactured in Australia to meet the rigorous Australian building standards, giving us very sound recognition on the worldwide platform. We can manufacture our homes to be compliant with all international standards as set out by the local authorities. Design flexibility is infinite, and all products and materials can be customised and sourced to accommodate each individual project.

The tangible materials of our steel kit homes are just a part of the Mana Kit Homes experience.

Rather than finding customers for our products, we prefer to find products for our customers, whilst at the same time keeping a fluent and informative line of open communication to form trust and dependability that we believe our clients are very much entitled to.

From the initial inspiration to drafted plans, council approvals and regulation accountability, design tips and ideas, material knowledge and systems and the fact that we understand that our clients do not care how much we know until they know, how much we care are all the grounds of the Mana philosophy.


Mana Kit Homes can be designed to meet BAL fire ratings up to the highest level Flame Zone upgrade.


All our homes at Mana Kit Homes can be engineered to withstand high cyclonic winds and heavy snow loads, ensuring resilience and structural integrity.


At Mana Kit Homes, we prioritise year-round energy efficiency in your home. Our tailored systems provide constant comfort, ensuring long-term savings for you.


We choose to uphold the renowned Australian standards that are globally sought after. Our homes reflect this commitment to quality and excellence.


Crafting your home is more than a project; it’s our commitment to you. At Mana Kit Homes, we redefine the home-building experience, delivering Kit Homes with an unwavering focus on trust and integrity. Our mission is to create not just structures, but spaces that resonate with your vision. We commit to making the journey to your dream home seamless, personalised, and grounded in a foundation of confidence, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction. Welcome to a new era of accomplishment and style with Mana Kit Homes.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Founder Mana Kit Homes



our founders story

Mana Kit Homes was born following personal experience during my early years as an employee when I noticed a consistency of unhappy, afraid, and confident-lost clients due to careless attitude and work ethic. This didn’t sit well with me, so I decided to create a company that provided people with loyalty, quality supportive service, and the value of trust. This is when Mana Kit Homes was established.

The building industry will always have its challenges and anyone who says it doesn’t is lying, however, our clients are made aware that no matter what hurdle is encountered, they can rely upon us to find a solution.  As a builder once said to me ‘There will be challenges on-site at some point, getting uptight wastes time, finding a solution saves time, and there is always a solution’, a philosophy that I have adopted into my own business.

With Mana Kit Homes, you become our number one priority and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible from start to finish. Placing ourselves in your shoes as customers is the ultimate guide to resolving any situation effectively. I strongly believe that confidence, support, knowledge, and trust should constitute the fundamental principles of every business.

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