A roof can change the entire look of a home and is a very important factor to consider when starting your design. Additionally, there are many other components that need consideration when designing a roof such as noise levels, thermal properties and environmental conditions.


Before you finalise the roof design for your home consider the following:

  • Which style will be the most aesthetically pleasing,

  • Colour, not only of the roof sheeting, but also the fascia’s and guttering. Colour will, also impact on the thermal properties of the home,

  • Are there any covenants in your area that you must comply with,

  • What are the local council regulations for designs and heights,

  • Wind categories, some designs have a better performance than others in cyclonic regions,

  • Snow loading in cold climates will impact the internal bracing and pitch,

  • Depth of the eaves for cooling, heating and protection from the elements,

  • Examine the type of insulation system you will be using and any air space requirements,

  • Proximity to breaking surf and salt air might give cause for specialised treatments and installation to ensure your roofs longevity,

  • Are you in a bush fire attack zone as this will require specialised installation and materials,

  • Lighting, the use of ceiling and window skylights,

  • Noise levels, there are many systems available that can be incorporated into the roof design to lower the noise levels both incoming and outgoing,

  • Ceiling design internally, vaulted, raked or flat ceilings all have their own properties and will impact the overall design.

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