Terms and Conditions of Website Use
Welcome to Mana Kit Homes! Before exploring our website, please familiarise yourself with the following Terms and Conditions and any disclaimers mentioned on this page or elsewhere on the site.
Visual Representations:
The images displayed on this website are artistic impressions and do not precisely replicate the true home design. They are for illustrative purposes only, and users are encouraged to recognize that actual construction may vary.
Our Role and Your Responsibilities:
Mana Kit Homes is not in the business of wielding hammers or pouring concrete. While we provide invaluable resources and support, we leave the hands-on work to qualified builders. Users and builders alike are responsible for ensuring adherence to local building regulations, codes, and standards. Every decision made during the construction process rests squarely on the shoulders of the user and their chosen builders.
Limitation of Liability:
By navigating this website, you absolve Mana Kit Homes to the fullest extent allowed by law from any claims arising from your use of the material or information provided. We want to be transparent: Mana Kit Homes won’t be held accountable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from material use.
Navigating External Links:
Venturing into external links? Keep in mind that these sites are beyond our control. It’s your responsibility to assess the accuracy, currency, reliability, and correctness of the information found there.
Feel free to explore, but remember, terms and conditions might undergo changes. Stay informed by revisiting them periodically.



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